Quotes About Death of A Loved One

“I noticed how captivating the sky was today and then I realized it’s because you are up there.”
“Every time I look at the stars shimmering down upon me, I know that one of them is you, watching down upon me”
“Even though you are gone and I’m left here to stay, even though you’ve moved far away where I can’t reach you. Like the ocean waves swaying back and forth for eternity, my love for you will never fade.”
“You may have left us, but in return, you have also given us a treasure, that is the memories that you’ve spent with us.”
“If I can take you back, I will. If I can hold your arms again, I will. If I can see you smile again, I will. I shall miss you every day of my life, day and night. It will never be the same again without hearing your voice, the void that you’ve left in my heart will never heal just like the memories that we’ve spent together will never be forgotten.”
“I was used to see you with my eyes, now I see you in my heart”
“They are a part of us, as long as we have memories of them to keep them alive in our hearts”
“I could fill a lake with all the tears that I’ve spent weeping since you left me, but I know that I must face the harsh reality, a world where you no longer exist. But that’s ok… In my mind and heart, you will always have a place to stay.”
“Death doesn’t mean the end, as long as I live, I will keep a part of you with me. I’ll treasure the times that we spent together until my hair turns gray.”
“It pains my heart to accept that you are gone, but I must, because I know that you’re in a better place now smiling down on me.”
“Much can be said when be said when someone is alive, but you’ll never now how much you loved a person until they’re gone.” quotes about losing a loved one
“I know that while we cry for you here, others are shouting in joy to have you on the other side”
We’ve all lost someone very close to our heart, but always remember that we need to keep on moving forward because the ones that we’ve lost becomes a part of us and by moving forward means that we’re also living the life of our loved ones. Learn to cry, be sad and be happy. Enjoy life because our loved ones is always smiling down upon us.

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